Professional Development – Board Appointment Program

An in-house professional development offering for organisations who want their senior staff to expand their business connections, interact with their board better or who want to increase engagement and reduced churn of high potential employees.

Increasing Engagement & Reducing Churn

Key issues for virtually all organisations are churn and the need for better employee engagement. Indeed, chronic turnover can cripple a company. The cost of churn alone (regardless of type, industry, company, etc) is commonly regarded as between a minimum 20% of an employee’s salary, and up to 200% of salary for a top-level executive. Apart from the $ cost, the loss of key organisational knowledge can be acute, as is the disruption in hiring and onboarding new employees.

This Board Appointment Program offers a unique highly valuable solution to these challenges.

Individual employees and their employers need to take responsibility for the finding and preparing for non-executive Board roles as part of a career development plan.

Corporate & Individual Benefits

Studies have shown that staff who have board appointments: are better strategic thinkers; have better professional relationships; work more comfortable with and can relate better to, their board and board level clients; have increased contribution and satisfaction/engagement levels.

However, just recognising the benefits of board appointments for your people isn’t enough and governance training alone doesn’t automatically lead to a board appointment, or address key staff engagement drivers.

The Board Appointments Program offers significant benefits to both employers and people.

Individual:  Professional development   New board-level connections – personal and professional Stronger relationships with their own company’s Board  Better interactions with Board level clients  √ Board interview & application skills   Greater strategic perspective

Employer: Reduced churn – greater people retention  Save time and money – on recruitment & training  √ Greater staff motivation and engagement  – increased individual contribution  √ Professional development output  √ Expanded Board level networks and connections

Board Appointment Program Content

There are 3 distinct elements to the program. The first is the Board Search Masterclass delivered at your workplace. Other elements of the program are provided to each program member including a professional Board CV and access to personally sourced board vacancies. The Program is delivered at your convenience.

1. Board Search Masterclass and Lunch (9 am to 1 pm)

Board Search Masterclass – ‘How to find, gain and fast track a Board appointment’.

Utilising decades of our board recruitment experience, this session lays bare the board recruitment process. Every attendee leaves with the knowledge of what it takes to gain a board appointment plus all the documents and templates required to get appointed.

2. A Professional bespoke Board CV 

A Board CV is dramatically different from an Executive CV. We will write each Program member a professional Board CV that addresses the 5 core elements that Chairs look for in successful board candidates. Each CV is written by David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert and quoted as ‘Australia’s leading board CV writer’.

3. 12 months access to Australia’s largest weekly list of board vacancies

We provide access to over 5,000 board vacancies annually. The opportunities advertised span the Commercial, Government and Not for Profit sectors and span any all industries so suit individuals with a range of experience, skills and aspirations.

Each attendee also receives the following resources:

  • The Board Search Resources pack containing advice and templates required to gain a board appointment.
  •  The ‘Board Appointments Book: The definitive guide on how to find and gain a board appointment’ .


$7,500+GST per group – maximum of 10. For more than 10, $500 per additional person. Maximum 20.

What Next?

Recognising that a board appointment is right for your people is not enough. Whilst governance training is valuable it does not drive a board appointment or address key engagement drivers. It is therefore critical that your people understand the challenges of gaining a board appointment, plus have the skills and knowledge to make their aspirations a reality.

Enquire about the Board Appointment Program by emailing ua.mo1716745914c.noi1716745914tceri1716745914ddrao1716745914b@tca1716745914tnoc1716745914.

If your organisation is looking for something less structured, one of our Corporate Membership Packages may suit.