The Board Appointment Intensive (Board Search Challenge) – November 2021


Regardless of your skills or level of experience, working with David Schwarz, you will learn how to gain a board appointment – the organisations to target, your pitch and how to get appointed.

This intensive begins November 3rd and places are strictly limited to 20.

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Gaining a board appointment is not a journey. It is a process.

There are only four reasons you won't gain a board appointment. 1. You are unclear as to which organisations you want or are likely to appoint you. 2. You do not have a compelling pitch as to why you should be appointed. 2. You are spending your efforts doing things that won't get you appointed or, 4. You lack the confidence to go out and develop a really successful board career.

It doesn't have to be that way.

The Board Appointment Intensive will address each of these common problems by leading you through a clear and easy to implement a three-step process that, regardless of your level of experience or skills, will teach what you need to know, and drive you to implement the things you need to do to develop a board career or gain your first appointment. 

This program IS for:

People who want to join the top 5% of people who have board appointments.

People who have been actively pursuing board appointments but are yet to be successful and want to change that.

People who want to eliminate time wasting exercises and spend their time effectively.

People who value helping organisations succeed as a Non Executive Director just as much as they value developing their own careers.

People who are already successful, and want to compliment their careers with a board appointment.

People who don’t know: what roles they should target; how to articulate their value at board level or; where to begin.

During the 28 days, we will work together to …

You’ll be required to implement what you learn… fast… and share your results.

We peg our reputation to your successes each time we run these intensives. We will hold you to account for putting into practice what you learn through the course because we are firm believers in that the harder you work the luckier you will get. 

Beyond that, you’ll be asked to share what’s working for you with the rest of the group and give advice to others, recognising that the same advice and support will be returned in kind (don’t worry, you’re working with your peers in the course).

Here’s How It Works

Prior to the course commencing, you’ll be receiving to a welcome video from David that outlines what to expect when the course begins. You will be given a Workbook that contains all of the advice, templates and documents you need to get started – including some pre-thinking.

Going forward you just need to be willing to:

  1. Commit to working directly with David for 28  days.
  2. Put the time in your diary (1 hr per week) for the online tutorial sessions – live or via replay
  3. Complete the actions and projects stemming from our work together.

Places are limited to 20 participants only.

November 2021 Schedule

All sessions will take 45 to 60 minutes. If you are unable to attend or wish to review the sessions replays are available.  Sessions times (AEDT) are: 

1 – TARGET – Wednesday, November 3rd, 12 noon (AEDT)

2 – PITCH – Wednesday, November 10th, 12 noon (AEDT)

3 – APPLICATION – Wednesday, November 17th 12 noon (AEDT)

4  – APPROACH & Q&A – Wednesday, November 24th, 12 noon (AEDT)

1: 1 with David – to be scheduled after session 4.