Reviews & Success

Memberships & NED Program

Firstly I would like to thank you for all of the advice and mentoring you have given me over the past year or so. I have been offered a position on the board of a resources company. My joining Board Direction was the best decision I ever made and I am positive that the advice and guidance given was what led to the final outcome.
Jim Knowles
Executive Member
I owe you the courtesy of letting you know I secured a board position sitting on the board of an industrial waste facility ... it's a perfect fit for me. I couldn't have gained the position without board directions- you gave me the leg up I was looking for.
Cameron Simpkins
Executive Member
Thanks to my Board Direction membership my non-executive career is well underway. I secured two non-executive board positions in this year!
Sandra Gamble
Executive Member
Since taking out Individual membership of Board Directions a week or so ago, I have to say that I am finding your Board Vacancy list very varied and quite interesting, which is refreshing.
Karen Howard
Access Member
With pleasure I am informing you that as a result, I believe, of using your advice and the Board CV style and content you worked on with me, I have now received an appointment as a Non Executive director to an organisation (withheld) with a bright future and potential for significant growth and which BTW was advertised on the Board Direction website, in an industry, I am quite familiar with. Why do I know the Board CV was a catalyst? Because I asked what attracted their attention to me, to which they responded “the style, format and clearly articulated content of the CV”. Sure, I modified it a little to be on point to the advertised role, but substantially it was as you and I had originally crafted it. Thank you for assisting me to make this first step into directorship outside of my own company and good luck to you in continuing your worthy business.
Rodney Turner
NED Program
David is an energetic and motivated coach who is passionate about enabling the success of his clients who creates unique opportunities through his incredible network.
Stephen Angus
Executive Member
I'm very happy with the results I've achieved this year and thank you for your help and training in getting me there.
Glen Farrow
Executive Member

NED Services

You recently revamped my CV and as a result, in managed to gain a leadership role. I wanted to say thank you!
Claudia Cameron
Thank you, since you re-worked my LinkedIn profile and NED CV I have had a lot more hits and no end of approaches for roles
Michael Cooke

Board Search Breakfast

One of the most pragmatic sessions on this topic that I’ve been to. Really great and practical advice
Lyn Bowring
Even as an experienced NED & Chairman I picked up a lot of useful points, that though obvious with hindsight, had not occurred to me before
Anthony Thompson
Fantastic! Focussed on the Journey to an appointment rather than just being reactive.
Vijay Susarla