Reviews & Success

Memberships & NED Program

I am pleased to share that I have been offered and accepted a remunerated board position. I think I was well placed with my skills and experience, but without your support through the online tutorials, and developing and reviewing my CV I would not have been able to demonstrate this clearly and succinctly enough to enable me to progress through the process. There were 106 applications, I had a screening interview with the recruiter, then an interview with a board panel.
Lee Poole
Executive Member
"It is with great pleasure to let you know that I’ve been appointed to a Board Thank you so much for all your assistance, David. Your expertise in reviewing my CV and interview preparation has paid dividends. Your services and wisdom are priceless. This application was my third board application. The networking through Board Directions has also led me to join an NFP Audit Committee as an independent member-this is extremely rewarding."
Andrew Webster
Executive Member
"Firstly I would like to thank you for all of the advice and mentoring you have given me over the past year or so. I have been offered a position on the board of a resources company. My joining Board Direction was the best decision I ever made and I am positive that the advice and guidance given was what led to the final outcome."
Jim Knowles
Executive Member
"David has been a constant in the development of my NED career!"
David Jarjoura
Executive Member
"I owe you the courtesy of letting you know I secured a board position sitting on the board of an industrial waste facility ... it's a perfect fit for me. I couldn't have gained the position without board directions- you gave me the leg up I was looking for."
Cameron Simpkins
Executive Member
"Thanks to my Board Direction membership my non-executive career is well underway. I secured two non-executive board positions in this year! "
Sandra Gamble
Executive Member
"Since taking out Individual membership of Board Directions a week or so ago, I have to say that I am finding your Board Vacancy list very varied and quite interesting, which is refreshing."
Karen Howard
Access Member
With pleasure I am informing you that as a result, I believe, of using your advice and the Board CV style and content you worked on with me, I have now received an appointment as a Non Executive director to an organisation (withheld) with a bright future and potential for significant growth and which BTW was advertised on the Board Direction website, in an industry, I am quite familiar with. Why do I know the Board CV was a catalyst? Because I asked what attracted their attention to me, to which they responded “the style, format and clearly articulated content of the CV”. Sure, I modified it a little to be on point to the advertised role, but substantially it was as you and I had originally crafted it. Thank you for assisting me to make this first step into directorship outside of my own company and good luck to you in continuing your worthy business.
Rodney Turner
NED Program
"David is an energetic and motivated coach who is passionate about enabling the success of his clients who creates unique opportunities through his incredible network."
Stephen Angus
Executive Member
"I'm very happy with the results I've achieved this year and thank you for your help and training in getting me there."
Glen Farrow
Executive Member

NED Services

Board CV Writing - "This is fantastic service thank you . The search for a new Board role is so much better with your added professionalism".
Mark H
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for updating my attached resume. I appreciate the time and effort you took to review my previous operational-oriented resume and make the necessary changes to improve it to the Board level. Your expertise has made a significant difference in the quality of my resume. I feel much more confident about my Board job search now that my resume accurately reflects the board's skills and experiences, which I had previously underestimated."
Joy Dunbar
"My good news is I found a not for profit board appointment and was promoted in my executive role, in large part I feel because of the work I did with David and the team to update my CV with board level experience."
Cathy Williamson
"I always enjoy the Board Direction articles and other resources as a tool for maintaining my knowledge of best practice and developing my board career."
Kate Waterford
"You recently revamped my CV and as a result, in managed to gain a leadership role. I wanted to say thank you!"
Claudia Cameron
"Thank you, since you re-worked my LinkedIn profile and NED CV I have had a lot more hits and no end of approaches for roles."
Michael Cooke

Board Search Breakfast

"I just wanted to let you know that your presentation was awesome and so on point, you can't even begin to fathom it. Huge, HUGE thank you and kudos all around. All of us were thrilled to hear about your vast experience and your steps toward success in getting NED positions etc."
Stephen Salguero
"Your input some years ago was insightful and valuable as I build my Board portfolio."
Harry Hodge
"Great insights, streamlined and direct. Can tell it's based on solid experience."
Alistair Royse
"I read David Schwarz's Board Appointments book which gave me a detailed understanding of the best way to approach my first Board appointment, including how to draft my cover letter so that it stood out enough to put me amongst the top candidates applying for the position. By understanding how to best frame my experience and how I planned to help the organisation, I was able to articulate that message effectively in my interviews and consequently got the first board role that I have ever applied for!''
Felipe Grez
"I wanted to say a sincere thank you for your very insightful session this morning. Your experience and energy make it a very easy and informative listen. I am already on two reasonably significant boards but, exactly as you described, challenged that I have not yet been able to build this further. "
Andrew Byrne
"Very credible and realistic presentation thank you David, nice to meet a master of his craft."
Bob Baily
''One of the most pragmatic sessions on this topic that I’ve been to. Really great and practical advice."
Lyn Bowring
"Have never been a big fan of the chat line which tends to make my messaging quick – just my age I guess - but I just wanted to say that your presentation this morning was just terrific and perfect for me at a difficult time in my life at present, transitioning from a job I’ve held for 22 years – this morning for the first time, my brain is sending me at last, some clarity of thinking – you caused that and I’m very grateful."
Bruce Humphrys
"Even as an experienced NED & Chairman I picked up a lot of useful points, that though obvious with hindsight, had not occurred to me before."
Anthony Thompson
"Fantastic! Focussed on the Journey to an appointment rather than just being reactive."
Vijay Susarla