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Memberships & NED Program

I have picked two new Board appointments, one interstate and one National / Overseas… I wanted to let you know that much of your lessons went into one of the appointments, which was a competitive search process and I was successful in closing, so many thanks for the tips. Dean Laurence

‘Thanks to your advice and support I now sit on two boards!Hamza Vayani

Since taking out Individual membership of Board Directions a week or so ago, I have to say that I am finding your Board Vacancy list very varied and quite interesting, which is refreshing. Karen Howard

Thanks to my Board Direction membership my non-executive career is well underway. I secured two non-executive board positions in this year! – Sandra Gamble

I have found the Board Directions Board and Committee vacancies really useful in fulfilling my desire to access a Board in a new area. Using the details to gather information about what I should be prepared for in the area I was targeting was really helpful and having the range to look at each week was invaluable. Thanks to advice that also came from Board directions I was successful at achieving a board position in a new area. Kasy

With pleasure I am informing you that as a result, I believe, of using your advice and the Board CV style and content you worked on with me, I have now received an appointment as a Non Executive director to an organisation (withheld) with a bright future and potential for significant growth and which BTW was advertised on the Board Direction website, in an industry I am quite familiar with. Why do I know the Board CV was a catalyst? Because I asked what attracted their attention to me, to which they responded “the style, format and clearly articulated content of the CV”. Sure, I modified it a little to be on point to the advertised role, but substantially it was as you and I had originally crafted it.Thank you for assisting me to make this first step into directorship outside of my own company and good luck to you in continuing your worthy business. Rodney Turner

You recently revamped my CV and as a result, in managed to gain a leadership role. I wanted to say thank you. Claudia Cameron

Board Search Breakfast

The Board Search Breakfast is essential to attend before you commence your NED search journey. Dearne Price

One of the most pragmatic sessions on this topic that I’ve been to. Really great and practical advice. Lyn Bowring

Fantastic! Focussed on the Journey to an appointment rather than just being reactive. Vijay Susarla

Even as an experienced NED & Chairman I picked up a lot of useful points, that though obvious with hindsight, had not occurred to me before. Anthony Thompson

This session is very worthwhile for anyone who is considering a role as a NED. It is a great introduction to the how, why, when and what is critical in setting you up to be successful. Carl Wulff

Great insider information to significantly increase chances of success. Actionable advice. I recommend the breakfast. Fances Eden

Board Search Masterclass

The Masterclass was outstanding for me as a reference for my approach to appointment. Keith Brown

I found it gave me some great practical tips for firstly getting a Board ready CV and then strategies for developing my Cover Letter and preparing for interviews. Plus it was also a good opportunity to increase my network – I’ve already connected with most of the group on LinkedIn. Carol 

Great course, all those considering NED career should invest in their future by enrolling! Neville Mallard

Knowledgeable and practical approach to the mysterious path to board appointment. Deborah Banwell

Wow! I have received valuable information that will allow me to achieve more success in my pursuit of my next board position. 10/10! Robert