Non Executive Director Program

$999.00 / year and a $8,000.00 sign-up fee

Total First Year: $8,999

With EXCLUSIVE access to David Schwarz this is the BEST way for you to achieve your board aspirations.

A guaranteed appointment within 12 months, work privately with David Schwarz - Australia's leading board recruitment expert.


A Highly Competitive Exercise

Be under no illusion gaining a board appointment is a highly competitive process with far more candidates than there are opportunities. So, if you:

  • have been considering gaining a board appointment for some time but don’t quite know where to begin or
  • already have a board appointment but are struggling to find your next one or
  • already have a successful career but want to compliment it with a board directorship or are struggling to find the time to search for opportunities successfully
  • just can’t find the knowledge you need to turn your aspirations into reality...

Then I can help and for all of these reasons I developed the Non Executive Program – developed over a decade to provide the practical help required to gain your first or a subsequent board appointment – no matter what your aspirations are or where you are in your career. I GUARANTEE IT.

The Non Executive Director Program

The Non Executive Program has been developed for those who recognise that gaining a board appointment is challenging and want to fast track a board appointment. Like our Executive package it too focuses on our signature 5 step ('Planning', 'Documents', 'Roles' 'Training' & 'Accountability') Board Appointment Process. However, it is complemented by having unfettered access to David Schwarz - Australia's leading board recruitment expert. It has been developed utilising over a decade of practical experience of putting people on boards and is the only program that guarantees a board appointment within 12 months.

Here’s what you get

  • Unfettered Access: To David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert
  • 12 month Board Search Course - will take your each step of gaining a board appointment
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions: Coaching and accountability – driving your success
  • Quarterly face to face meetings: Full support, training & accountability
  • Board Career Planning: A in person 1:1 planning session resulting in a list of targets organisations
  • NED Introductions: Personal introductions utilising 30,000 Australian NED connections
  • Board Search Webinar Series: Intensive 15 weeks utilising exclusive online training modules
  • Board Vacancies: Full access to thousands of board opportunities
  • A Bespoke Board CV: Written personally for you by Australia’s leading board CV expert
  • LinkedIn: A bespoke LinkedIn board profile & page written for you
  • LinkedIn Training: Showing you how to leverage LinkedIn to gain board positions
  • Interview Preparation: A real interview with a real recruiter and real feedback
  • Application Writing: Your first board application fully written for you
  • Application Support: Unlimited critique and edit of all your board applications
  • NED Directory Profile: Your profile on our Board Directory that organisations use to find Directors
  • The Board Search Book: The information & templates you need to gain a board appointment
  • Weekly Board Appointment Advice: Emailed to you each week – keeping you focused

The total individual retail value of the services contained within the program
is $15,999, but as a package we are offering it for just $8,999!

Reviews & Success

Does what we offer work? You bet. Board Direction has worked with over 1,500 clients and over 40,000 receive our weekly board search advice newsletters and board vacancy alerts. We could not have gained or maintained this level of support if what we did didn’t work.

There are hundreds of examples of success we could offer. However, one client with our help was almost immediately appointed to a board because of the Board CV we wrote and the advice we provided for him:

‘Why do I know the Board CV was a catalyst? Because I asked what attracted their attention to me, to which they responded “the style, format and clearly articulated content of the CV”… Thank you for assisting me to make this first step into directorship outside of my own company and good luck to you in continuing your worthy business.’ Rodney Clarke

'Thanks to your advice and support i now sit on two boards!' Hamza Vayani

Thousands of other have attended our Board Search Masterclasses and Board Search Breakfasts – typical scores are 9/10 with reviews such as this one:

‘Wow! I have received valuable information that will allow me to achieve more success in my pursuit of my next board position. 10/10.’ Robert Spears

The Best Program We Could Think Of

No one is more experienced than we are in helping people fast track a board appointment. Over the last decade, Board Direction has helped more people than anyone else to gain a board appointment. We believe that the Non Executive Program is the best way for us to help people gain a board appointment.

This is absolutely the best program we can put together. It has taken us a decade to create but also a year alone to work out just what to include so that you get the most value. As a Non Executive Program member you not only get exclusive membership to the only board appointment program in the world but you also get:

  • Full access to our comprehensive list of board vacancies
  • A bespoke Board CV written for you
  • 12mths of training, coaching and accountability
  • Exclusive access to David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment professional.
  • All of the other services exclusively provided to Non Executive Program members
  • 25% off additional products and services.

Is the Program for You?

This is not a governance course. We pick up where governance courses leave off. This is a course to help you gain a board appointment! As such, we begin in the belief that you are either a) interested in gaining a board directorship and/or are qualified do so (if you would like to undertake some formal governance training you should visit Governance Institute of Australia).

Our Guarantee

So confident that the Non Executive Program will result in a board appointment that we GUARANTEE IT. Further if, having completed the course, you don't think the services we offer were of value we will refund the difference between the Executive package and the price you paid for the Non Executive Program.

About Board Direction

Board Direction is the leading board advertising and non executive career development firm. No organisation can demonstrate the success we have had in helping people gain a board appointment. It is led by David Schwarz - Australia’s leading board recruitment professional

About David Schwarz

I am Australia’s leading board recruitment professional. The Board Appointment Solutions I have developed have cost many thousands of dollars and incorporate 15 years practical experience gained as an international board recruiter. Utilising this experience means that you will have access to the most effective, most practical and the most valuable suite of services, specifically designed to get you on to a board, available in the world.

I can confidently say that no one knows more about how to gain a board appointment or develop a board career than I do. Not only have I written the internationally selling Board Appointments Book: The definitive guide to finding and gaining a board appointment, I have personally written 1,500+ Board CVs, have been recognised as a leading board CV writer,  been featured in the Financial Review’s BOSS magazine, the SMH, Channel 10's 'The Project' and I present regularly for organisations such as Governance Institute of Australia, Sydney University’s Graduate School of Management (AGSM) and the CEO Institute. I am also a Top 10 LinkedIn user with 26,000+ LinkedIn connections and has advised thousands of clients on how to develop a board career or gain their first board directorship.

Not right for you?

We will do all we can to tailor this Program to your needs but it still might be that the program is not right for you. That is ok. The timing might not be right, you might not have the money or you don’t want to commit the time. They are all valid reasons and in this case you should take a look at the ACCESS, ACCESS+ or EXECUTIVE membership options which still provide access to the jobs, a board CV and the Masterclass but are cheaper and require less intensity.

What Value Are You Going to Get?

This is not a set and forget program. David Schwarz is intimately involved in every aspect of the delivery. Beginning with an introductory meeting you will over the next 12 months have unlimited and unfettered contact to David. Together you will work towards achieving your boards aspirations through all of the aspects of the program outlined above. Beyond the formality of the program you can expect to be held account to your stated board aspirations and therefore achieve them far sooner than you might expect - a true partnership.

A highly competitive process

Do you know why most people who want to become a non executive director don’t achieve their board aspirations despite their desire to do so? It is simple – more often than not they don’t understand the nuances of the board appointment process and don’t persevere where others might. Don’t let that be you - the Non Executive Program is the BEST way to ensure you will gain a board appointment. I GUARANTEE IT!

I look forward to having you on board.

David Schwarz,

CEO | Board Direction

Terms & Conditions

*Your Membership begins when we confirm your initial payment. We will automatically charge you a recurring fee of $999 annually until you cancel. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your membership anytime. Cancelling your membership stops the charge at the start of your next billing term—but your service will continue through the end of your current term. If after completing the program you did not find it valuable we will refund the difference between the price you paid and the Executive package.

Join Today, Dare Them Not to Appoint You and let me Fast Track a Board Appointment.