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'Thank you for assisting me to make this first step into directorship outside of my own company and good luck to you in continuing your worthy business.' Rodney Clarke

'Thanks to your advice and support I now sit on two boards' Hamza Vayani

Board appointments are potentially life and career changing. In fact, statistics have shown that people that have Board Directorships in addition to an executive role are: more appointable, earn more, are unemployed less and have better networks and connections. They are also able to future proof their careers better, have more successful retirements and weather unexpected career changes strongly. With my help you can achieve you board aspirations. I have helped thousands of people do just that!

Be under no illusion though, finding Non Executive or Advisory Board opportunities is difficult. 

Furthermore, gaining a board appointment is a highly competitive process with there being far more candidates than there are opportunities. Finding board vacancies is a challenging and time consuming process that historically relied upon your personal networks, searching through newspapers, monitoring online job boards or waiting to be ‘tapped on the shoulder’ by a friend or recruiter. Furthermore, preparing a board CV/application that stands out is a lengthy process and one not easily accomplished. Not any more.

Board Direction is Australia’s leading board career development and board vacancy advertising firm.

We help put people on boards by providing everything required to get a Non Executive Directorship or Advisory Board Appointment. We do this in a number of ways but essentially, what we do is equip our members with specific board opportunities (view past vacancies) and the skills required to ‘dare them not to appoint you‘. Simple. No other organisation can reference the success we have had in putting people on boards - no one!

Our EXCLUSIVE  member packages are utterly unique and offer the BEST way for you to achieve your board aspirations – no matter what they are. 

  1. NON EXECUTIVE PROGRAM - a full 12 months of coaching with David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert. Without a doubt the BEST way to gain a board appointment.
  2. Developed exclusively for those serious about fast tracking a Non Executive Directorship. Core to the EXECUTIVE PACKAGE is access to the Board Search E-Course. ($500 OFF)
  3. ACCESS(+) to the thousands of roles we advertise each year but also a bespoke BOARD CV & LinkedIn profile written for you personally by David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert. ($200 OFF)
  4. The ACCESS package  was developed for those who don’t have the time to find Non Executive opportunities. Core to the ACCESS package is access to the thousands of roles we advertise each year.

These services cost many thousands of dollars to develop and incorporate over a decade of practical experience gained as an international board recruiter. As a result, as a member you will have access to the most effective, most practical and the most valuable suite of services, specifically designed to get you on to a board, available in the world.

David Schwarz leads Board Direction!

He is Australia’s leading board recruitment professional with more than a decade of international board and executive recruitment experience. No one knows more about how to gain a board appointment or develop a board career than David. In fact, not only has he written an internationally selling ‘Board Appointments’ Book that takes individuals through the specific steps required to find and gain a board directorship, he has personally written 1,500 Board CVs and has been recognised as a leading executive and board CV writer. He has also been featured in the Financial Review’s BOSS magazine and speaks regularly for organisations such as Governance Institute of Australia, Sydney University’s Graduate School of Management (AGSM) and the CEO Institute. David is also a Top 10 LinkedIn user with over 26,000 LinkedIn connections and has advised thousands of clients on how to develop a board career or gain their first board directorship. He has personally helped thousands of individuals gain board appointments.

Do we guarantee to get you a board appointment?

So, does what we offer work? You bet. Board Direction has worked with over 1,500 clients and over 40,000 receive our weekly board search advice newsletters and board vacancy alerts. We could not have gained or maintained this level of support if what we did didn’t work.

Reviews and Success

'Thanks to my Board Direction membership my non-executive career is well underway. I secured two non executive board positions this year' Karen Grimes

Thank you for assisting me to make this first step into directorship outside of my own company and good luck to you in continuing your worthy business.’ Rodney Clarke

'Thanks to your advice and support i now sit on two boards!' Hamza Vayani

Hundreds of others have attended our Board Search Masterclasses and Board Search Breakfasts – with typical scores of 9/10 we often receive reviews such as these:

Wow! I have received valuable information that will allow me to achieve more success in my pursuit of my next board position. 10/10.’ Robert Heard

'I loved the frankness, straightforward and honesty of the approach that David took. Great to have someone who cuts through the “bullshit”. I really felt that you were talking to me with my interests at heart, rather than on on-sell to your next course.' Jane Ketelbey

Want to find out more? Why not attend one of monthly Board Search Breakfasts?

Don't wait to find out the hard way what you should have done to achieve your board aspirations - find out how to truly 'dare them not to appoint you'. Book today as places are limited. We offer a full 100% money back guarantee PLUS your ticket price can be redeemed against any Board Direction membership - you can't lose!


Board Direction Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned business located in Sydney but working nationally our ABN is 67162024339.