Board Direction helps put people onto boards. Primarily we do this in two ways.

1. Through the board vacancies, we advertise 

2. Through the suite of services we offer our members

In addition to our services for individuals, we also offer companies a range of governance and recruitment services.

Source Board Vacancies

We advertise Australia’s largest list of board vacancies. Our trained staff work hard to ensure that we source every available board vacancy which means that we now advertise over 2,000 board vacancies annually. As such we are confident that our members will never miss an opportunity. 

NED Career Services and Packages

We offer our Members access to four exclusive packages that have helped thousands of people gain a board appointment. Each of our packages has been designed to help our members gain board appointments – our services are not offered elsewhere and each package includes access to Australia’s largest list board vacancies and our Non Executive Program guarantees a board appointment. 

NED Events & Training

Through our Board Search Webinars, Board Search Online Courses (members only) and our bespoke private Training and Accountability programs, we have the means to help you get appointed.

NED Recruitment Services

Backed by a decade of international Non Executive Board Recruitment success, a total database of 50,000+ Non Executive Directors and far-reaching board connections via our tens of thousands of social media followers, we guarantee to find you a Non Executive Director worthy of your board.

Governance Services

With over 40 years of combined Governance & Board experience, we offer bespoke Board Governance Services designed for Commercial, Government & Not for Profit organisations. Specifically, we offer Board Governance Reviews; Board Remuneration Reviews and Board Governance Training.

For further information about what we do or to get a quote, please contact David Schwarz (ua.mo1721576875c.noi1721576875tceri1721576875ddrao1721576875b@tca1721576875tnoc1721576875).