Members Success

Congratulations to just some of our Members and Subscribers who have recently gained Board Appointments. We wish them all the best with these and subsequent board appointments.

Nathan Everett: Committee Member, Penrith City Council

Appointed due to: Held the appropriate skills and abilities to perform the role.

Mark Dawson: Technical Steering Committee Member, Freshcare Ltd

Appointed due to: A broad range of food industry experience including research, operations, technical management, executive roles and board level roles

Carrie Barker: Director, Hospitals United for Sick Kids (HUSK)

Appointed due to: A broad range of experience in the creative/marketing industry plus board experience.

Paul Hardy: Chair, VicTrack

Appointed due to: Over two decades of board experience with expertise in the engineering, healthcare, sport, education and not-for-profit sectors.

Nathan Everett: Non-Executive Director, Australian Powerlifting Alliance

Appointed due to: Previous experience and commercial acumen.

Wayne Tattersall: Director, Bendigo UFS

Appointed due to: Over two decades of board-level experience with substantial corporate finance expertise.

Michael Guilday: Non-Executive Director, ADHD Australia

Appointed due to: Having lived experience with ADHD and its impacts on families, education and workplaces.

Sean Wilson: Advisory Board Member, B Radio Network (Media Networks Pty Ltd)

Appointed due to: Proven ability to grow businesses. Plus successful track record in translating strategy into practice, building operational excellence and improving return on investment.

Scott Richardson: Chairman of Audit and Risk Committee, PCYC Queensland

Appointed due to: My back ground is corporate CFO and I am an FCPA and GAICD. Previous PCYC board member.

Leigh Clement: Non Executive Director, Rural Lifestyle Options Australia Ltd (RLOA)

Appointed due to: Experience and expertise in strategy, governance, performance management and risk management. Plus lived experience with disability and alignment with organisation's values.

Ramy Aziz: Non Executive Director, Optometry Australia

Appointed due to: Substantial experience in governance, risk, finance and general business acumen. Also have experience as an independent director in similar member based organisations.

Willi Friderich: Independent Director, Go Vita Group Limited

Appointed due to: Independent director with finance, retail and logistics experience.

Tri Nguyen: Independent Director, First Super

Appointed due to: Industry background and experience.

Vivienne Yu: Non Executive Director, AIMS APAC REIT MANAGEMENT LTD (SGX: O5RU)

Appointed due to: Demonstrated leadership capabilities, extensive experience in investments, banking, and the financial industry, as well as a strong track record of success in the APAC region.

Thomas Day: Board Director, Rosebank College

Appointed due to: A combination of finance, business and operational skills, coupled with association with the Catholic Church.

Willi Friderich: Non Executive Director, The Joseph Varga School

Appointed due to: Ability to provide governance and finance expertise to the board.

Joe De Gennaro: Chair (Finance, Audit & Risk Committee), South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME)

Appointed due to: Being the current President of Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd, a Uranium mining company who is a member and sponsor of SACOME. I was approached by the CEO to replace the outgoing chair.

Cheryl Hayman: Non Executive Director, Silk Logistics Holdings Ltd

Appointed due to: A track record of applying a strategic focus to growth and managing challenges in geographic product and channel expansion. 20 years’ experience as a senior marketing executive in large global product companies across the FMCG, food retail, distribution and manufacturing industries.

Jeffrey McLean: Board Member, Youth Flourish Outdoors

Appointed due to: Broad commercial skills, track record of achieving accelerated growth in emerging markets and my business startup success, delivering adventure-based therapy for traumatised youth is a service in growing demand across both regional and urban markets in this country.

Wayne Wilson: Chairman, Majestic Cinemas

Appointed due to: Previous experience on the Unitholder advisory committee.

Allan North: Council Member, Sydney Institute of Technology Innovation Pty ltd

Appointed due to: Rinancial management experience in Higher Education.

John Mason: Public Officer/Secretary, Ausdance NSW

Appointed due to: Track record in public officer/secretary roles with a passion for governance.

Dean Laurence: Chair, Australian Applied Research Centre for Disability and Wellbeing

Appointed due to: Background in strategy and finance fitted the bill and was known to the Directors from a previous association with a large NDIS provider.

Gerard Joseph: Advisory Board Member, Celebrate Life Insurance & Highmoon Capital LLC

Appointed due to: Qualification and experience in various sectors/ industries.

Katrena Stephenson: Chair, Southern Tasmanian Regional Waste Authority (STRWA)

Appointed due to: Extensive Local Government experience, a strong understand of issues around waste management and resource recovery and training and experience in governance.

Martin Andrew: Independent Chair, Fruit Producers South Australia Inc

Appointed due to: Skills in Chairing Meetings, GAICD with extensive Board experience, Strong connection with rural industries.

Kirsty Rankin: Non Executive Director, Flight Centre

Appointed due to: Global experience/ digital/ data analytics / AI / travel/ marketing/ loyalty / start up/ scaling / audit risk & Finance

Peter Chan: Non Executive Director, Vodafone PNG

Appointed due to: Telecommunications industry experience including starting up a mobile network previously, service delivery management and financial skills.

Matthew Granger: Hon. Chair Aviation Advisory Board, Edith Cowan University

Appointed due to: Ability to provide relevant, industry-led practical input to curriculum development and exposure to current best-practices.

John Manning: Non Executive Director, Nucrush Group of Companies

Appointed due to: Commercial background and sector experience, Professional and director experience, Experience with private and family companies, Personal attributes to work collectively through a key period of change.

Adrian Morey: Independent Member - Water and Waste Services Advisory Committee, Fraser Coast Regional Council

Appointed due to: Previous experience in the water industry, combined with my expertise in capital program governance and management and previous board experience.

Peter Iancov: Non Executive Director, Tasmanian Development Board

Appointed due to: Board, investment and critical infrastructure experience

Anthony Llewellyn: Chair of Accreditation Committee, South Australia Medical Education & Training

Appointed due to: Extensive industry experience. Demonstrated past successes. Capacity to bring a critical thinking director's mindset to the Board table. Ability to bring an independent director's perspective.

Gregory Rimmer-Hollyman: Independent Audit and Risk Committee Member, Australian Accounting Standards Board & Auditing and Assurance Standards Board

Appointed due to: Expertise in risk and audit within the Australian Public Sector at both large and small organisation level.

Peter Hooker: Director, Clinical Oncology Society of Australia

Appointed due to: Experience in finance, strategy and governance, particularly in the health and NFP sectors.

Harry Hodge: Non Executive Director & Chair, Globe International Limited (ASX: GLB)

Appointed due to: 30 years experience in senior executive & non-executive roles in organisation across fashion, action sports, youth culture and the retail sector.

Gavin Keeley: Non Executive Director, National Seniors Australia

Appointed due to: Lead board cybersecurity and AI agenda, provide expert governance for general insurance operations.

Robert Burbury: Non Executive Director, Murray Irrigation Ltd

Appointed due to: Background in agriculture, agribusiness & irrigation combined with senior corporate experience and strong academic education in business disciplines and corporate governance

Sandra Arps: Non Executive Director, Bendigo Bank - Mosman

Appointed due to: extensive experience in the area of Marketing and Social Media

Michael Doery: Non Executive Director, Credit Clear Limited

Appointed due to: Prior NED experience and executive experience in the digital space.

Shubhada Gandhi: Non Executive Director, Castle Hill RSL Group

Appointed due to: I was chosen due to my deep expertise in Strategy, Finance and Risk & Compliance.

Don Jameson: Board Chair, Springboard Opera

Appointed due to: I was ppointed because of my strong background in the profit-for-purpose space combined with contemporary 21st century thinking.

Jennifer Leslie: Council Member, University of Newcastle

Appointed due to: My experience as a Chair, Non-Executive Director, Audit & Risk Committee Chair & Member and Chartered Accountant with fifteen years of board-level experience coupled with extensive expertise in financial services including banking, state government structures and social purpose organisation.

Paul Klotz: Director, Your Best Life Disability & Health Services

Appointed due to: Governance and Business Acumen, Lived Experience (Disability Sector) & Diversity (Geographical and Age)

John Sorrentino: Board Director, Australian Institute of Energy

Appointed due to: Being an AICD graduate helped.

Christopher O'Brien: Practitioner Board Member, AHPRA

Appointed due to: Being a Yorta Yorta man and an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner in NSW with extensive knowledge and experience across numerous non-government and governmental organisations and systemic structures

Laurie Leigh: Non-Executive Director, AFAO

Appointed due to: Expertise in aged care, community service, retirement living as well as developing and growing a service offering.

John Edwards: Non-Executive Director, Endpoint IQ

Appointed due to: Tech Sector and start-up experience plus Board qualifications

Warren Bird: Independent Member of Investment Committee, GESB

Appointed due to: 40 years in investment management and strategy

Tony Rolfe: Independent Board Chair, STARS Education & Research Alliance

Appointed due to: Previous meetings and networking with the organisation

Christina Slade: Board Member, National Art School

Appointed due to: Academic experience and knowledge of arts

Tony Lynch: Advisory Board Member, Cloud Nerd

Appointed due to: International media technology experience.

Jason Cronshaw: Non Executive Director, Destination Sydney Surrounds North

Appointed due to: My existing experience as Chair of the main tourism association in the Blue Mountains and to bring local knowledge to the regional board, as well as previous NED experience and a passion for regional tourism.

Chris Potter: Independent Chair of Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee, Palliative Care Australia

Appointed due to: Having just missed out on an appointment to the Board last year PCA came back to me to ask if I was interested in being an Independent Chair of the FARM Committee which could open up the opportunity go going on the Board down the track.

Paul Fendley: Non Executive Director, Reef Catchments

Appointed due to: Community Representation, governance and public sector experience

Samantha Challinor

Samantha Challinor: Non Executive Director, Australian Consumers’ Association (CHOICE)

Appointed due to: An excellent range of experience in senior management roles and as a non-executive director of not-for-profit organisations. An experienced finance, risk and audit committee chair. Skills, energy and enthusiasm about joining the CHOICE Board.

James Knowles

James Knowles: Non Executive Director, Centennial Coal

Appointed due to: I have 48 years of experience in the mining sector, specialising in WHS and Risk Management. I have worked with this company as a consultant for over 20 years.

Mike Harley

Mike Harley: Non Executive Director, Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne

Appointed due to: Alignment of the mission and purpose of Bicycles for Humanity with my own interest and desire to volunteer. Business strategy, marketing, sales and innovation experience to ensure the organisation has a sustainable business model. Previous experience as a Non-Executive Director in a Non-for-Profit membership based organisation.

Jeremy Stone

Jeremy Stone: Non Executive & Independent Director, Infrastructure Sustainability Council

Appointed due to: Previous NED and Chair of committee experience, Diverse knowledge in the infrastructure industry, Understanding and networks in Asia through living and working for 14 years in the region.

Claris Bourne

Claris Bourne: Board Members, Swan Hill District Health

Appointed due to: Governance and, Compliance, Company secretarial, Financial management, Stakeholder engagement, Professional qualifications, Tertiary qualifications.

Patricia Cross: Board of Guardians, The Future Fund

Appointed due to: Investment management and superannuation expertise, extensive experience as NED at multiple ASX 30 and FTSE 30 listed companies over 20 years.

Felipe Grez: Non Executive Director, Judo NSW

Appointed due to: The organisation was looking at increasing volunteering and participation, and I was able to provide a strong case for how I was able to support the organisation in this cause.

Fraya Shaw

Freya Shaw: Secretary, SPAN Community House

Appointed due to: My experience and skill base are valuable resources to any organisation.

Kate Waterford

Kate Waterford: Chair, AusCam Freedom Project

Appointed due to: I was appointed to lead this NGO fighting human sex trafficking, drawing on my strong NFP sector experience and human rights expertise.

Sean Chamberlin: Chairperson & Director, Virtual Contact Centre Limited

Appointed due to: My breadth of experience that includes being on the Leadership Team of 4 technology start-ups, Strategic Planning work in Management Consulting, as well as my commercial and financial background as an Accountant.

Kim Richards

Kim Richards: Non Executive Director, Migraine Australia & Road Safety Education

Appointed due to: 25 years in integrated content, marketing and communications aligned with the business/board's needs on both counts.

David Jarjoura: Non Executive Director, The Housing Connection

Appointed due to: My experience with Financial Management and Governance, my ability to think Strategically, my understanding of Risk Management and experience in the Property sector.

Nick Rideout: Non Executive Director, Beechworth Health Service

Appointed due to: Extensive experience in and passion for the health sector.

Samantha Badcock: Board Member, Early Settler

Appointed due to: Strength in helping SME’s to grow their business and manage risk.

Norman Chorn

Norman Chorn: Non Executive Director, Volunteering Australia

Appointed due to: Volunteering Australia were looking to enhance the strategic skills of their Board to respond to the changing and challenging environment post-COVID. I was appointed for my expertise and experience in Strategic Thinking and Planning.

Claudio Pedretti: President of the Board of Directors, Alliance for Rural Electrification

Appointed due to: the Board worked hard during last year and made strategic changes to the association to lay stronger foundations to sustain its growth

Priscilla Stevens-Guiney: Secretary, Queensland Regional Rural and Remote Woman's Network

Appointed due to: Awareness of the opportunity and 1: 1 mentoring from Board Direction.

Paul Healey: Non Executive Director, Rite Mentoring Inc.

Appointed due to: As a Board member, I provide strong governance, strategy, financial management and risk support to the Board.

Brett Savill: Chair Person, SMART Recovery

Appointed due to: Twenty-five year track record in Technology, Media and Telecoms.

Alan Goodman: Chairman, Sinclair Noble Limited

Appointed due to: A corporate entity issuing equity to the public: underlying asset - old age facilities. Appointed because of experience and skill level.

Louise Hope: Non Executive Director, Caretakers Cottage

Appointed due to: Governance; policy and human resources experience.

Abbas Alibhai: Non Executive Director, CRAM Foundation

Appointed due to: Strategic & financial expertise plus health experience.

Nigel Fairbairn: Chair, Prospect Community Services

Appointed due to: Governance experience; time to commit to the role; unanimous support of all Directors.

Jack Wolstencroft

Jack Wolstencroft: Treasurer, United Grand Lodge of Queensland

Appointed due to: Previously on the Board of the Grand Lodge of SA &NT

Silvio Del Vecchio: Deputy Chair, Australian Association of Franchisees

Appointed due to: maximising opportunities and getting the little things right.

Derek Lundberg: Non Executive Director, Sundale Ltd

Appointed due to: Working closely with David (Board Direction) as part of his Non Executive Director Program.

Corrine Taylor: Non Executive Director, Health and Medical - RCSA

Appointed due to: strong experience, skills and networks in the health and medical recruitment sector. Chair of medical recruitment subcommittee. Commitment to industry.

Steve Evans: Chair, Warrina Homes Inc

Appointed due to: After three and a half years on the Board, I was elected and appointed as the new chair. Main skills would include strategy, governance and leadership.

Robert Willes: Director & Chair Governance, Culture & People Committee - Mid West Port Authority

Appointed due to: Industry background, commercial & governance skills.

Vijaya Vaidyanath: Board Member, Parks Victoria

Appointed due to: governance experience, chief executive experience, people management and financial acumen plus successful advocacy track record.

Brent Cubis: Non Executive Director, Carbon Cybernetics

Appointed due to: Given my background at Cochlear as CFO, they needed someone with experience in Medical devices and finance to assist a young medical device company with the eventual commercialisation of their device.

Craig Thomler: Non Executive Director, National Health Co-Op (NHC)

Appointed due to: bringing IT and digital experience identified as high priority skills for the NHC board given the changing environment for health care in Australia as well as my past experience in the Health sector, in senior corporate and government roles and my previous Board experience.

Paul Healey: Non Executive Director, Rite Mentoring Inc

Appointed due to: As a Board member, I provide strong governance, strategy, financial management and risk support to the Board.

David Armstrong: Chair, UCA News Ltd

Appointed due to: UCA News is a pan-Asian Christian media company. I was appointed because I have had a long career in media, as a journalist, editor and media company manager

Jennifer Sanders: President and Board Chair, Beaucare Inc

Appointed due to: Board member and previous president and chair, high level of board skill, experience and knowledge, understanding of the local region and the needs of the residents, previously elected councillor, qualifications including BA, GAICD, Graduate certificate and Justice of the Peace.

Will Clarke NED

Will Clarke: Independent Director, Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc

Appointed due to: My skills in growth-turnaround, global supply chain, enterprise risk management, government contracting and international human capital management are attractive to the corporation.

Glen Farrow: Non Executive Director, St John’s Ambulance Australia

Appointed due to: Board cover letter, CV, interview tips and research training from Board Direction.

Cameron Simpkins: Non Executive Director, Dulverton Waste Management

Appointed due to: Perfect fit with my skillset and perseverance to find the right board for me.

Zivit Inbar: Non Executive Director, Rural Northwest Health

Appointed due to: To complement the board with crucial skills, culture, change, ethics and innovation.

Priscilla Stevens-Guiney: Board Member, The Ecological Society of Australia

Appointed due to: Due to strong academic and philanthropic networks and a desire to raise the profile of ecological science in Australia.

Julien Playoust: Non Executive Director, Australian Unity Limited

Appointed due to: Alignment of skills and value plus my for-purpose and for-profit, multi-sector experience.

Jarrod Sierocki: Chairman, Dealer Trade Holding's Limited

Appointed due to: Being a very experienced Chairman - Accountant, studying law with other post graduate qualifications with variety of experience across multiple international public entities, jurisdictions and vast experience in Corporate law across multiple jurisdictions internationally.

Peta Irvine: Chair, QLeave

Appointed due to: Chair experience and specific ability to manage a complicated board dynamic with tact and a collaborative approach.

Matthew Green: Councillor, Chartered Accountants ANZ

Appointed due to: Elected from Queensland's State Council for Chartered Accountants ANZ to represent the 13,000 Chartered Accountant members in Queensland on the national Council for Chartered Accountants ANZ.

Michael Doery: Chair & Independent Non Executive Director, Beveridge Williams Pty Ltd

Appointed due to: Succession of previous Chair.

Craig Coleman: Non Executive Director, Modular Intermodal Containerised Expedient Building System

Appointed due to: Knowledge and experience as chief executive officer for my company working in difficult environments providing project, logistics and security services for disaster response, reconstruction, humanitarian and commercial projects.

Peter Copp: Non Executive Director, Northern Health Foundation

Appointed due to: Skills, industry experience and network.

Jonathan Smith: Board Member, WA Council of Social Service

Appointed due to: Networks within my sector.

Douglas Dunstan: Committee Member (Compliance, Audit & Risk Management Committee), Australian Festival of Chamber Music - North Queensland Ltd

Appointed due to: Skill based governance and financial management appointment.

Victor van der Kwast: Supervisory Board Member, Anadolubank NV

Appointed due to: Experience in Risk and Overall Bank Management International Banking Experience, various countries and cultures, Expertise in Banking, Insurance, Compliance, Capital Markets, and IT.

Andrew Kelly: Non Executive Director, Living Cell Technologies (ASX:LCT)

Appointed due to: A need for strong commercial and investor experience in biotech.

Virosh Perera: Board Member, International College of Melbourne

Appointed due to: Having been in the corporate world for 20 years, a Business Consultant & Lecture last 15 years, and Brand Ambassador for AFL, Cricket Australia & Commonwealth Games.

Helga Svendsen: Board Member, Accident Compensation Conciliation Service (Victoria)

Appointed due to: Skills alignment - governance, stakeholder networks and a background as a lawyer in personal injuries litigation.

Michael Young: Chair, ACT Building and Construction Training Fund Authority

Appointed due to: Strong expertise in education and training sector, with solid board and governance experience as well as experience chairing committees.

Paul Glynn: Director, JPK Pacific

Appointed due to: Extensive experience as a Director and comprehensive knowledge of the yachting sector in the Asia / Pacific region.

Ryan Turbill: Advisory Board Member, Results International

Appointed due to: Entrepreneurial experience as well as my track record with growing and scaling a business from start-up.

Max Cozijn: Non Executive Director, Hope Community Services Ltd

Appointed due to: Seeeking new Non Executive Directors with financial management experience.

Thomas Green: Advisory Board (Digital Transformation), Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation

Appointed due to: Needing to evolve and to bring their communication and fundraising strategy up to date with the current digital landscape.

Fiona Pearse: Non Executive Director, Smart Parking Ltd (ASX:SPZ)

Appointed due to: Chair of Risk and Audit Committee skills & previous advisory board experience with a fintech.

Rahul Mewawalla: Board Director, SOS Children's Villages USA

Appointed due to: Extensive digital, technology and business growth leadership experience.​

Trisha Mok: Non Executive Director & Board Advisory Committee Member

Appointed due to: Significant corporate governance and legal experience, together with my decade serving on the board of the Governance Institute of Australia including as a Past President.

Vivienne Yu: Non Executive Director & Treasurer, National Foundation for Australian Women

Appointed due to: Previous board experience and highly developed Finance and Risk capabilities which are providing greater diversity to the existing Board. Together with a driven passion to make a real difference for the well-being of Australian Women.

Simon Perkins: Independent Director & Chairman of Risk Committee, J-Trust Royal Bank

Appointed due to:Previous similar experience with ANZ Royal Bank, extensive Director experience across a range of industries with an Asian focus.

Ted Nabung: Board Director, Community Colleges Australia

Appointed due to: Being known for my strategic and innovative approach to organisations. My broad and long experience in the vocational education and training at operational and strategic levels are highly valued.

Vivienne Scott: Non Executive Director, Infracore Ltd

Appointed due to: Bringing to the boardroom sound knowledge of profit and loss accountability, business strategy through to execution, commercial law, contracts and procurement, corporate finance and has led business development, marketing, change management and communications programmes.

David Mitchell: Honorary Treasurer, Scripture Union NSW

Appointed due to: Assisting in the effort of considering a scheme of arrangement that will amalgamate the membership organisation into a larger body.

Norman Chorn: Non Executive Director, Dear Dyslexic Foundation

Appointed due to: Board looking to include people with business development and commercial expertise.

Kate Waterford: Chairperson, Australasian Birth Trauma Association

Appointed due to: Passion for helping women suffering from birth trauma, supported by strong professional skills in governance, law and accounting.

Leonard Greis: Non Executive Director, Bicycle Industries Australia (BIA)

Appointed due to: Adding value and skill to the board in the areas of corporate governance, strategic & online retailing and marketing.

Arthur Frame: Non Executive Director, National Trust of Australia (Queensland)

Appointed due to: Experience in events management, regional volunteer networks, cultural heritage issues and administration. 16 years experience as a CEO of a state member organisation of a nationally networked organisation. Previous relevant experience on numerous Boards.

Caryl Hertz: Board Director, Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)

Appointed due to: Previous board experience and expertise in Marketing Communications. Together with a driven passion to make a real difference in the health and well-being industry.

Stephen Angus: Non Executive Director, Mildura Airport

Appointed due to: The ability to offer extensive industry experience and networks combined with highly developed risk and governance capabilities which are providing greater diversity to the existing Board.

Susan Wilson: Non Executive Director & Deputy Chair, Innovation & Business Skills Australia & Emerging Industries Panel - Agrifutures Australia.

Appointed due to: A background in public and private sector innovation leadership in Australia; being as a former Non Executive Director of Innovation & Science Australia - overseeing the recent $10B National Innovation & Science Agenda for the Federal Government.

Paul Healey: Non Executive Director, Table Tennis Victoria

Appointed due to: The ability to provide strong Leadership, Strategy, Financial Management and Risk Management expertise to the Board.

Angie Paskevicius: Non Executive Director, Mid West Ports Authority (WA)

Appointed due to: Extensive CEO and Director experience.

Joanna Walker: Non Executive Director, Eastern Health

Appointed due to: Her interest in Health together with relevant CFO, governance, finance and commercial skills required on the board.

Rod Wellington: Non Executive Director, Pharmacy Board of Australia

Appointed due to: His corporate governance skills and previous employment history.

Kerry Skellern: Non Executive Director, Advisory Board, Galvin Engineering

Appointed due to: Broad multi-sector experience – from high growth start-up to large Corporate environments – services, manufacturing and R&D; a track record of operational (P&L) leadership; innovation leadership with a focus on new product development and commercialisation and the definition of novel value propositions and business models; previously lived and worked in China with business development and business improvement responsibilities across operations in Greater China and SE Asia; Formal qualifications in engineering, science, business and administration and governance (GAICD).

Meriel Corbett-weir: Independent Director, Board of Trustees, Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust Inc

Appointed due to: Personal knowledge, skills and experience Corporate Governance Strategic Planning and Engagement IT and Communications Social program development NFP experience.

Janine Lea-Barrett: Independent member, Mining & Petroleum Competency Board

Appointed due to: Mining and Electrical Engineering experience with in-depth understanding of compliance to legislation.

Ryan Babbage: Director - Board of Directors, Eastern Innovation Business Centre

Appointed due to: His successes in Asia and Africa. He has successfully transitioned numerous businesses into hotspot pockets of Asia; predominantly South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. His understanding of international trade, the distribution networks established and the capital partners he has aligned with over the prior 18 years are invaluable.

Anthony Hunt: Director, Sydney Junior Rugby Union Inc.

Appointed due to: Experience in the organisation with a commitment to governance and strategic development.

Tony Russo: Finance, Audit and Risk, Meals on Wheels

Appointed due to: Current Board, and Diversified CFO Financial and Commercial skills from across section of industries in SME.

Douglas Dunstan: Divisional Councillor Queensland Divisional Council, CPA Australia Queensland Division

Appointed due to: Statewide elections for all State Councils of CPA Australia. Elected by peers in the transparent triennial Australia wide elections for Divisional Councillors conducted by CPA Australia.

Praveen Reddy: Non Executive Director, Onemda

Appointed due to: Expertise in risk management and IT strategy.

Steven Brett: Chair, Australian Diabetes Research Foundation

Appointed due to: Completed six years in skills-based Director position with ADEA which launched the Research Foundation and offered the appointment based on the value already delivered by my directorship. My expertise is in Business Management particularly Customer Experience focused strategic alignment.

Kyle Tyrrell: Non Executive Director, Carry On Victoria

Appointed due to: A proven ability to provide strategic direction and greater corporate governance accountability.

Ben Lester: Member, National Technology and Risk Committee, Governance Institute of Australia

Appointed due to: His skills, experience, industry connections, and previous recent appointed as Non-Executive Director for a NGO were important factors in being appointed to the National Board Committee.

James Burkett: Board Advisory Member, Small Business Expos

Appointed due to: This position was recommended to him based on previous track record on strategy and logistics in developed infrastructure, industries, and markets throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Patricia Paech: Board Member, Alcohol & Drug Foundation NSW

Appointed due to: The appointment came about as a result of my voluntary position of National President, United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) where I was a founding committee member which led to being elected National President in 1997. Through this group I was asked to join ADF NSW which I consider an important community role.

Stella Pruscino: Board Executive: Scouts Victoria

Appointed due to: Risk Management, Insurance and Not for Profit experience. Prior 6 years experience as a Director of a Not for Profit Sporting League. 4 Years experience as Chair of Industry body in addition to advisory roles within the Risk and Insurance sector.

David McDonald: Non Executive Director, FEBC Australia

Appointed due to: Skill and extensive experience in finance and investments.

Jessica Lightfoot: Non Executive Director, VESKI

Appointed due to: Board renewal phase. Seeking combined financial, commercial, research sector skills. My background includes law, project delivery and finance, with 17 years in the higher education sector.

Sue Mathieson: Board Treasurer, Narre Community Learning Centre

Appointed due to: Experience and skill in financial and operations management.

Cheryl Hayman: Non Executive Director, Chartered Accountants Aust/NZ

Appointed due to: CAANZ was seeking a director with a background in all things relevant to working with customers or consumers, with a strength and understanding in digital, social and other communications, who could bring a diversity of thinking to the Board. They also wanted an experienced Board Director who understood governance and risk, and who could bring skills developed during a board career to the Board quickly.

Angela Schuster: Non Executive Director, Central West Leadership Academy

Appointed due to: Having advised and assisted numerous Boards, Committees and Advisory Groups in the areas of strategy, planning, implementation, extension, engagement, standards and conformance the Central West Leadership Academy appointed me to provide a broad range of skills and experience working with boards.

Trina Hockley: Non Executive Director, TAFE Qld

Appointed due to: Bringing a unique skill set and experience in mentoring, education and employment services for young people. Current qualifications including a Fellow of the AICD, plus complementing the existing board by providing further regional representation.

Alison Sherry: Executive Director, RANBURY

Appointed due to: Following the recent merger of two of Queensland’s leading project advisory and delivery consultancies, Ranbury and Project Support, a new Board of Directors has been formed. “The appointment of Alison as a Director is an important step forward in improving our governance.”

Jinita Prasad: Non Executive Director, VB Holdings Ltd - publicly listed company on South Pacific Stock Exchange

Appointed due to: To provide strategic and financial guidance along with assistance in compliance given my regulatory and finance background.

Les Hayward: Chairman, Bridging the Gap Inc

Appointed due to: After working for 4 years as a board member and two as the deputy chair, he was appointed as Chair due to several factors. Not least was having been intimately involved with some difficult strategic decisions and having spent much time working with the operation and executive team to steer the business in a new and exciting direction.