Professional Development – Corporate Memberships

Encouraging your team or staff to pursue a non executive board appointment is a core element of any professional development plan and will provide a significant return on investment. Professional development through our corporate memberships will not only have a positive effect on those who participate but a knock-on effect on productivity and staff retention across the entire organisation.

Benefits Of Corporate Membership

Companies are always looking for creative ways in which their people: can become more engaged with their company. Board appointments have been proven to help your people to: develop professionally (strategic thinking), develop better board-level relationships, work more comfortably with board level clients; foster growth in their own careers and; become increasingly satisfied with their contribution to their own organisation and those they are appointed to.

For the Employer: √ Reduced churn – greater people retention √ Recruitment time & cost savings  √ Greater staff motivation and engagement  √ Professional development output  √ Expanded Board level networks and connections  √ Develop stronger leaders  √ New business development opportunities √ Give back to the community

For the Individual: √ A full understanding of the Board appointment process √ Develop Board interview & application skills √ A board CV and access to thousands of board roles  √ New board-level connections – personal and professional  √ Confidence to interact is with clients at a higher level √ Greater strategic perspective

Our Corporate Packages

To be eligible for a corporate package discount, organisations must have at least 5 staff members participating. The level of discount will vary depending on the number of staff members participating. All corporate packages will include a free 1:1 Board Career Planning Sessions at the commencement of their membership.

We have 3 core membership plans that can be selected for corporate packages:

We can also put together bespoke packages to suit the needs of your organisation and staff members. Another option is our Board Appointment Program (BAP), which provides your staff with a more structured training and development program. For further information about our corporate packages, please email  us – ua.mo1713464364c.noi1713464364tceri1713464364ddrao1713464364b@tca1713464364tnoc1713464364