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The Benefits of Membership

Becoming a Board Direction member offers you a wide range of services beyond just access to a list of over 5,000 board vacancies annually. Since our launch in 2013 and utilising almost 15 years of board recruitment experience we offer our members a suite of services designed to get them a board appointment. 
Specifically, we offer four bespoke Board Appointment Packages each designed to give you access to the roles we advertise, but also includes a suite of services that will separate you from your competitors and get you a board appointment. 
Our Executive Package is our most popular offering. It includes access to all of our personally sourced board vacancies but also a suite of practical services like a bespoke Board CV written for you; Board Search Training – both online and in person and; Support and Accountability Services that will separate you from your competitors, keep you on track and “dare them not to appoint you”  Find out more by clicking on the package of your choice below.

Work privately with David – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert. 

This is a full training and accountability program that guarantees you a board appointment within 12 months. Working 1:1 with David the program focuses on our signature 5 part board appointment process – ‘Planning’ ‘Documents’ ‘Roles’ Support’ and ‘Accountability’ and includes a full 12 months of personal coaching, training and support. There is no better way to develop a board career or gain your first board appointment.  Find out more…

A board appointment in 12 months. That is what the Executive Membership primes you for. 

Focusing on 3 core principles (Articulation, Aspiration, Application) this package takes you through the 5 step board appointment plan (Planning, Documents, Roles, Support, Accountability) and includes access to thousands of board vacancies and the documents required to get appointed.

Find out more…

The Access+ package gives you access to over 5,000 board vacancies annually and a bespoke NED CV written for you.

Every board vacancy is sourced for you by our team of experts so that you never miss a board opportunity. Further, to help you get appointed we will also write you a NED CV that will separate you from your competitors by addressing the 5 core elements a Chair wants to see in a successful candidate. Your NED CV will be personally written by David Schwarz and, once completed, we will update your LinkedIn profile too. Find out more.

Don’t have time or don’t know where to find board opportunities? You are not alone.

The ACCESS package provides our members access to over 5,000 board vacancies we advertise each year that we personally source for you.  Since inception we have advertised close to 15,000 individual board opportunities resulting in thousands of board appointments. We are Australia’s leading advertiser of board vacancies. 

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