LinkedIn Board Appointment Training


LinkedIn should be the cornerstone of your board search efforts we will teach you how to create new relationships that lead to board positions.

Many people don’t know how to use LinkedIn effectively and/or have a profile that is not going to aid in their journey towards a board appointment.

As a Top 10 Australian LinkedIn user with over 23,000 connections, David Schwarz believes that LinkedIn has some great functionality – namely it allows you to connect with individuals directly and provides an easy way to keep in contact. But, most importantly it is a great way to do business – particularly for Non Executives or people aspiring to meet people in this space.

For these reasons, David believes that every director should maintain a complete and up to date LinkedIn profile. One that works conjointly with your board CV.

To most, LinkedIn is a thinly veiled recruitment tool. Recruitment firms and organisations us it to find and connect with people you either want to work with or hire. This can works very much in your favour in your board search. However, to make LinkedIn work for you need to know how to use it effectively. 

David will help you do just that. As an early adopter and top Australian user, he is experienced in using the platform for headhunting, marketing, networking and recruitment. As Australia’s leading board recruitment expert he will not only teach how not only to use LinkedIn effectively, but also how to leverage it powerfully to gain a board appointment.

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