Board Career Planning Session: Defining your board career aspirations and planning the journey ahead with David Schwarz


Define your board career aspirations and the plan the journey towards achieving them with David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert.

Gaining a good board appointment takes time and is challenging at the best of times but the rewards are significant for those who persevere. ‘The harder you work the luckier you get’ is a common phrase and one that many try to apply when searching for a board appointment. Unfortunately, if your messaging is wrong, if you don’t understand how board appointments work and how to subvert these ‘rules’ then you could be wasting your time. This intensive Board Career Planning session with David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert who has over a decade of experience putting people on boards – will ensure that the time you spend gets traction and results in opportunities that you might have otherwise thought were impossible.

In your Planning Session we will comprehensively:

  • Define your board career aspirations
  • Define appropriate board possibilities
  • Articulate your Board Profile – your pitch
  • Review your current CV – making it more board appropriate
  • Create a list of individual connections to network with

This is both an educational service and a practical one. So, in reality this service spans two separate sessions. The first, either in person, skype or by phone, where we cover the items above. The second by phone or skype where we follow up on the actions agreed upon and to further develop your forward plan.

This Board Career Planning session is designed, and will help, you achieve you board goals.

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