NED Directory Profile

$199.00 / year

Providing an opportunity for you to be recruited by hundreds of organisations each year looking for new board members. Think of it as a LinkedIn for NEDs.

Raise your board profile and be contacted directly by organisations looking for new board members by registering on our Exclusive Non-Executive Director Directory.

The Non Executive Directory

Think of it as a LinkedIn for Board Members – a resource that hundreds of organisations use each year to find and recruit new Non Executive and Advisory Board Members.

Upload your picture, entering your board profile and career summary onto your personal Non-Executive Director (NED) Directory page. This unique service offers the opportunity for you to be viewed by hundreds of organisations each year who are looking for new board members.

The benefits include:

NED Directory: Think of it as a LinkedIn for board members – a tool that organisations use to recruit board members

Weekly Board Appointment Advice: Emailed to you each week and providing the insider knowledge you need to stay focused and gain an appointment.

Need Access to Board Roles?

Need more support, guidance and access to our Board Roles? Consider the Executive Package or the Access+ Package. With 15 years of board recruitment experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know what chairs are looking for in potential board members.

Join today and let us take the stress out of the board search and appointment process!

Terms & Conditions

Your Membership begins when we confirm your initial payment. We will automatically charge you a recurring fee of $199 annually until you cancel. You can cancel or upgrade your membership anytime. Cancelling your membership stops the charge at the start of your next billing term—but your service will continue through the end of your current term (one year from commencement).

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