Board Direction, on behalf of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) is seeking a Non Executive Director with expertise in Marketing/Sponsorship/Fundraising and strong commercial expertise.

Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine: ACNEM are passionate about incorporating Nutritional and Environmental Medicine into mainstream health care. Offering cutting edge postgraduate training and education for doctors and other graduate healthcare professionals and operating for over 35 years with, at it’s peak, over 1,200 active members, they are Australia’s leading Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM) professional body.

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM) examines the interaction of diet and lifestyle on human health and physiology. It seeks to understand the multi factorial consequences of the environment on health outcomes. NEM is evidence-based, drawing on the latest biomedical and genetic science and research to develop new treatment approaches to illness and chronic disease, for primary prevention and to promote optimal health and well-being. For further information:

The Opportunity: With a crystallised vision and planning in place plus an established and well respected board, an experienced Chair and having just recruited a new finance and governance board member ACNEM is ready to achieve its’ goals. To help achieve this and effect growth they require an outgoing individual with the proven skills, experience, networks, and passion to make their ambition a reality. Specifically, they seek an outgoing individual who can foster and drive marketing initiatives, develop sponsorship relationships and identify other fundraising opportunities, bring further business rigour to the board and demonstrate an affinity for preventative/lifestyle medicine.This position will be highly visible on the NEM landscape, with interactions with major sponsors, other institutions and media.

Job Description: Priority will be given to individuals who can demonstrate how their professional (non medical) expertise and experience can further the goals of ACNEM as a not for profit organisation. Growth needs to come through: increasing memberships; raising awareness; increasing sponsorship/commercial relationships and; driving business performance improvements.

Person Specification: With a strong desire to influence the health of the nation, and working closely with the Chair and CEO, the successful candidate will bring dynamic thinking to the board and committee they will chair,. Specifically, they should be able to evidence success in the following core criteria.

  1. Governance: Demonstrable board level governance experience in a business of at least a similar scope and scale.
  2. Skills & Experience: Evidence of marketing/fundraising/sponsorship expertise and/or expertise in, at board level, driving business performance improvements.
  3. Networks & Connections: Health industry, health and well being, nutrition industry, environmental health and/or Health policy connections at a state or National level.
  4. Passion: A demonstrable affiliation with preventative medicine or the healthcare fraternity for promoting better health outcomes.
  5. Cultural Fit: Having worked in the education sector, with health care practitioners or in the health care sector or in a membership not for profit organisation you understand the way these businesses/individuals operate.

Location & Time Commitment: Current board members reside across Australia and New Zealand as such, this is a national opportunity.  Whilst with the office is based in Melbourne face to face board meetings are held twice a year in Melbourne or Sydney and additional 4 times a year remotely.

Remuneration: This is an expenses only opportunity including:

  • Travel & accommodation costs to national training & conferences and face to face board meetings
  • Complimentary ACNEM membership & conference registration.

The successful candidate will also benefit from direct access to CEO and staff members when required in order to implement the initiatives under their responsibility.

Next steps & Interviews: ACNEM have a board strategy meeting on Friday 4th May. They would like to make an appointment prior to this date to facilitate the introduction of the new board member. As a result early applications would be welcomed so that interviews prior to 4th May (in person or by phone/video conference) might be facilitated. Should the appointment take longer than anticipated interviews will likely be held post the 4th May.

Further information: Questions should be directed to ua.mo1716748719c.noi1716748719tceri1716748719ddrao1716748719b@tca1716748719tnoc1716748719

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To Apply

You MUST  complete the form below and submit your Board CV prior to the FRIDAY 27TH APRIL 2018. All applications will be sent directly to ACNEM and Board Direction for review.

To avoid disappointment we strongly suggest that, prior to completing the form below, you save all your responses to each criteria in a word document and then paste them directly into the relevant sections below. Upon submitting your form you will receive notification of receipt. If you do not receive this within 24hrs please email ua.mo1716748719c.noi1716748719tceri1716748719ddrao1716748719b@tca1716748719tnoc1716748719


ACNEM Non Executive Director Application Form

  • ACNEM is a self funded membership NfP operating in the health care space. As such, preference will be given to individuals who can evidence how their governance experience has driven the success of an organisation of similar scope and scale - (max 1500 characters).
  • Preference will be given to those who can articulate how their experience can be utilised by the board to drive improvements and achieve help their stated goals and vision.
  • Preference will be given to those who can evidence having relationships with potential sponsors, government or whose networks might facilitate revenue or new memberships. (max 1500 characters).
  • Preference will be given to individuals who can demonstrable a genuine affinity with the preventative health care, nutrition, lifestyle, health & well being fraternity. (max 1500 characters).
  • For example: How hands on would you be if appointed to this board? What experience have you had working with health care professionals at board level? How comfortable are you operating in a NfP board setting? (max 1500 characters).
  • Please include any additional information that you think important for ACNEM to know. Additionally, please list any potential or perceived conflicts of interest. (max 1500 characters).
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Please attach your current board CV/Resume to your application.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.