Board Appointment Success

If you recently gained a Board Appointment we want to celebrate your success and help you get another appointment by telling others about it.

Whether you gained an appointment via our services OR through some other means please let us know by completing the simple form below. Once you have, and after we have collated all the information, we will profile you along with the others (see past successes here) who were recently appointed to our entire database of 25,000 NEDs & 30,000 LinkedIn followers – no better way to celebrate your appointment and facilitate another one. 

Why do this? Well, Board Direction is committed to helping put people on boards – it is everything we do – it is our gift to you. If you would like another appointment and not yet a member you can find out more here.

Simply complete the form below to tell us about your most recent appointment. It is easy to do and will take just minutes to fill in.  

Tell us about your 2023/24 Board Appointment

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  • We can only tell others about a Non Executive Director or Advisory Board appointment you have gained in the last 12 months.
  • Please provide the most recent name of the company or organisation that appointed you. If you had more than one appointment please tell us about the one you are most proud of.
  • Please briefly explain the main reason for your appointment i.e. the particular element/skill or experience.
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  • Please let us know if the content we provided, the opportunities we advertised or the support we offered helped you in gaining a board appointment. We would love to track the value of the service we bring and tell others of the success you have had.
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