NED Mapping


Struggling to make the right board connections? Let us do the hard work for you!

The biggest hurdle for many busy people, once they have their target organisations defined, is finding the time to map out the people they must speak to in order to position themselves for, or in order to secure, an appointment.

With this service, Board Direction will map out the names AND contact details of the people you should be speaking with in order to get appointed. We will establish and research your Weak Ties: the way that 50% of all board appointments are made.

Simply provide us with the list of your target organisations (to a maximum of 12) and we will map out for you the: names of past and present NEDs, their contact details and the language and process you need to develop authentic and legitimate relationships with these weak ties.

The end result is a list of approximately 120 (based on 12 targets with boards) individuals.