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Board Applications: Supporting Statement Writing

In my last few articles, I have been looking at the board application process; the importance of adding a supporting statement and how candidates are graded during the application process. The process itself for supporting statement writing is fairly formulaic: Start by cutting and pasting all criteria provided into a Word document and then Addressing … Continued


Board Applications: How are Candidates Graded?

When it comes to board applications, do you know how candidates are graded? In my previous article, I started with a series about compiling board applications; I specifically concentrated on the supporting statement all board applications should have. In preparation for writing a successful supporting statement, it is important you understand what is likely to … Continued


Board Applications: Supporting Statement

Writing Board Applications is an intricate and time-consuming process. In this article, I want to take you through the first of three documents you should write when applying for a board appointment – a Supporting Statement. Whilst, on some occasions, you might not be required to write a supporting statement, the process of writing a … Continued


Finding and Responding to NED Advertisements

Over 10% of current board members stated that they were appointed to their most recent board via an advertised role. That might seem like a low percentage and indeed there are better ways to be appointed. However, sooner or later a role you want will be advertised, you will need to apply for it and … Continued


Using Advertisements to Find a Board Role: Contacting the Advertiser

I have probably received 1000+ phone calls from prospective board candidates in my time. The vast majority say something like “I just saw your advertisement. Can you tell me more?” In a competitive exercise where you are one of perhaps hundreds of applying you can not afford to introduce yourself like this. Whilst functional it … Continued


Using Search Firms to Get a Board Appointment

I have written many times about the value of personal connections, especially your weak ties, in gaining a board appointment. But personal connections are not the only way to get onto a board. Inevitably, in the course of finding a vacancy and being appointed to a board, you will probably have to work with some … Continued


How much are Non Executives Paid?

A question that will undoubtedly come to mind as you start your journey to becoming a Board Member, is the question of how much you can expect to be paid as a member of a board. The amount a Non-Executive could earn depends on a number of different factors. The most obvious are: The type … Continued


Taking the Direct Approach to a Board Appointment

We have looked over the last few articles at how your connections can get you appointed. After all, personal connections account for 65% of all board appointments. On the other hand, statistically, over 15% of people are appointed directly by organisations to their own boards. So you should not think that the direct approach is … Continued