Here’s what a NED gets paid.

Every day I deal with board members, prospective board members and senior executives. Every time the subject of board search is discussed, it inevitably rolls around to the issue of board remuneration. People ask me on a regular basis, “how much can I expect to be paid as a member of a board?” Well, today … Continued

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Board Diversity & Prior Experience

The question of board diversity is one that tends to come up often in discussions surrounding the appointment of new board members but the conversation often stalls around the topic of gender diversity and prior governance experience. Did you know that there are in fact 7 strands of diversity? I outline them below. However, what … Continued


How Long will it Take to be Appointed to a Board?

https://boarddirection.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/BD-How-Long-convert-video-online.com_.mp4 Perhaps the most often question I am asked is how long it will take for me to be appointed to a board. It’s always difficult to provide a hard and fast answer to this question as there are many variables at play and everyone’s journey will differ. However, as a general rule – should you put … Continued


Transitioning from CEO or Executive to Non Executive Director – Is it really that difficult?

In my years as a Board and Executive Recruiter I have had countless conversations with both CEO’s looking for their first independent Non-Executive role and with Chair/Nomination Committees considering CEO’s for their boards. They often see transitioning from an Executive to a Non-Executive Director as almost impossible. The conversations I have with each party are … Continued

Personal Connections & Networks

Why LinkedIn Groups Work

Why is it a good idea for you to join the Board Direction LinkedIn group? Building the right connections are crucial to your board appointment. An easy way to begin is by joining our LinkedIn group. *|FNAME|*, if you have read any of my posts in the past you will know how important I think developing … Continued


15 Years Board Recruitment Experience Taught Me This

Here is what 15 years’ board recruitment experience has taught me about why people get appointed This is the 15th year of me putting people on boards. It also offers an opportunity for me to reflect on the changes I have seen over that time and provide some thoughts on some of the key elements I … Continued


The Pros and Cons of Not-for-Profit Board Member Remuneration

In a previous article we looked at how much prospective board members can expect to be remunerated. However, I decided to deal with the remuneration of  Not-for-Profit Board Members separately. From the outset it should probably be stated that organisations which operate in the ‘Not for Profit (NfP)’ or ‘third sector’ are incredibly diverse both in terms of … Continued


The Risks and Rewards Associated with Becoming a NED

There are a number of experienced non-executives who, when offered the opportunity to join a board, their first response is a definite no. In their minds, the risks – reputationally, financially and personally – are just too high. They need these risks mitigated prior to even contemplating taking up a directorship. With this in mind, … Continued

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What if I did not Have a Successful Board Interview?

A successful board interview is an exercise in providing a succinct but powerful response that evidences your success. But it often happens that a good candidate simply messes up the interview. People mess up interviews for a variety of reasons but primarily because they are underprepared. If you haven’t heard me say it already – … Continued

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How to Reply to Board Interview Questions

In my previous article, I focused on preparing for your board interview. In this article, I want to get into some detail on how you might respond to some typical board interview questions that you will be asked, using the TEE approach. The TEE approach is simply breaking down the response to each question into … Continued

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Board Applications: Supporting Statement Writing

In my last few articles, I have been looking at the board application process; the importance of adding a supporting statement and how candidates are graded during the application process. The process itself for supporting statement writing is fairly formulaic: Start by cutting and pasting all criteria provided into a Word document and then Addressing … Continued


Board Applications: How are Candidates Graded?

When it comes to board applications, do you know how candidates are graded? In my previous article, I started with a series about compiling board applications; I specifically concentrated on the supporting statement all board applications should have. In preparation for writing a successful supporting statement, it is important you understand what is likely to … Continued