Gaining a Board Role in the Commercial Sector

I have written before about the 3 types of boards that are commonly available to those who seek to serve on a board. I previously wrote about Government Boards and Committees. Today I want to focus on boards in the Commercial Sector. 5 Different Types of Boards in the Commercial Sector There are 5 different types … Continued


Finding a Role with Government Boards or Committees

There are 3 types of boards that are commonly available to those who seek to serve on a board. They include: Government Boards & Committees Commercial Boards Not for Profit Boards In this article I want to focus on Government Boards and Committees. Government Boards and Committees exist in a wide range of industries In Australia, … Continued


Do You Really Want a Board Directorship?

If you are considering becoming a Non-Executive Director, it is of vital importance that you understand the risks associated with holding board directorships. You probably would not be reading this if you had not already decided, in your mind, that the rewards of a board directorship outweigh the risks. However, that does not necessarily mean … Continued


The Risks and Rewards Associated with Becoming a NED

There are a number of experienced non-executives who, when offered the opportunity to join a board, their first response is a definite no. In their minds, the risks – reputationally, financially and personally – are just too high. They need these risks mitigated prior to even contemplating taking up a directorship. With this in mind, … Continued

Recruitment, The Value of NEDs

Making the Transition from CFO to NED

There are hundreds of companies looking for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs). However, gaining a board appointment is highly competitive – with there being more candidates than opportunities. Still, if you are a CFO, I have good news; for the majority of organisations looking for a new Non-Executive Director, CFOs & finance professionals are highly sought after. … Continued


The Perfect Board Candidate?

There are literally thousands of boards operating in a countless number of industries across Australia and each one operates within its own context and has various peculiarities unique to them. As such, it often seems difficult to decipher exactly what they might value in a new board member. This confusion is often compounded by a board’s desire … Continued


Having Women on Boards Pay Dividends for Companies

When the subject of board diversity comes up, it automatically leads to a discussion about gender diversity on boards. But having women on boards is a much greater factor than mere gender diversity; it’s a question of profitability. In a previous article I noted that there are far more to discuss when it comes to … Continued


The Pros and Cons of Not-for-Profit Board Member Remuneration

In a previous article we looked at how much prospective board members can expect to be remunerated. However, I decided to deal with the remuneration of  Not-for-Profit Board Members separately. From the outset it should probably be stated that organisations which operate in the ‘Not for Profit (NfP)’ or ‘third sector’ are incredibly diverse both in terms of … Continued