Considering your first board appointment or want to develop a board career? You should be.

As CPA Australia Member, your skills and experience are highly desired by boards – perhaps more than any other qualification. This presentation addresses: what sort of board opportunities exist for CPAs;  why as a CPA your skills are in high demand; the four big things that will prevent you from gaining a board appointment, and how to avoid these problems. 

Regardless of what sort of board appointment you want or the level of your experience, gaining a board appointment is not a journey; it is a process  – I’ll explain it to you in the presentation below. I will teach you how you can gain your first, a subsequent or more significant board appointment far quicker than you might imagine by implementing three simple things. This 25-minute video explains how to make it happen.

Once you have watched the video, download the FREE resources that will help you: to implement what you learned;  find opportunities that others can’t; and put an end to your knock-backs and frustration. This offer is available to CPA and Australia members in Australia and New Zealand.

Why a Board Appointment must be part of your career plan.

Studies have shown that people that hold Board Directorships are: more appointable, earn more, are unemployed less and have better networks and connections. They are also able to better future proof their careers, are likely to have more successful retirements and weather unexpected career changes more strongly than those who don’t. 

Career Development

Regardless of your board aspirations, all board appointments offer the opportunity to join the 5% of people who call themselves a Non-Executive Director. By doing so you can demonstrate strategic expertise and develop connections at the highest level - promoting your career.

Additional Income

Some NEDs get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars but the average unlisted non-executive earns $41k and, because boards are essential, they are rarely affected by financial downturns. Indeed, we are currently seeing more of our members appointed than ever!

Personal Development

Giving back to an industry, sector or cause you are passionate about drives many directors. So, whether in a commercial or not for profit setting, sitting on a board of an organisation you are passionate about is a terrific way to utilise your skills and experience.

Access to Thousands of Board Opportunities

Board Direction is Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest advertiser of board vacancies. We actively source over 3,500 board vacancies (public, private & not for profit) for our members each year, the majority of which require finance and accounting skills.  Since inception, we have advertised close to 15,000 individual board opportunities resulting in thousands of board appointments.

Gaining a board appointment is not a journey; it is a process.

There is more you can do to be proactive and successful in your board search. Our services ensure these changes take place and provide you with all the support, processes and tools you need to get appointed. Each of the four packages has been developed by David Schwarz, Australia’s leading board recruitment expert, and provides access to over 3,500 board vacancies annually. Beyond having a NED CV written for you, our Executive Package and NED Program provide all the tools and resources you need to help you gain a board appointment.

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Gaining a board appointment remains a competitive process.

To help you separate yourself from your competitors, download the free Board Search Resources Pack, The “Definitive Guide to Gaining a Non-Executive Directorship” E-Book or the slides from the video.

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