How much are Non Executives Paid?

A question that will undoubtedly come to mind as you start your journey to becoming a Board Member, is the question of how much you can expect to be paid as a member of a board. The amount a Non-Executive could earn depends on a number of different factors. The most obvious are: The type … Continued

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Desirable Criteria for a Board Candidate

Board Direction helps you fast track your board appointment – find out more. In my previous article, I highlighted the core criteria needed to be a board candidate. Beyond the core criteria that any Chair will want to see proven in a successful board candidate, there are three desirable criteria that they will also increasingly … Continued


Your Board Vacancy

Thank you for submitting your board vacancy You can view it on the Board Vacancies page. How else can we help? Typically advertised vacancies for non-executive directors are over-subscribed. To help  we can complement our free advertising service with any of the services below: A full search and selection service. An application handling, selection and response service. … Continued


The Review Process & Service

The Board Governance Review Process Board Diversity’s process involves seeking from Councils a strong sense of what they intend their governance role to be and reviewing their collective performance against their own goals. During the process Board Diversity will seek to prove the attainment level of your Council by reflecting on the actual work that … Continued