Recruitment, The Value of NEDs

Making the Transition from CFO to NED

There are hundreds of companies looking for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs). However, gaining a board appointment is highly competitive – with there being more candidates than opportunities. Still, if you are a CFO, I have good news; for the majority of organisations looking for a new Non-Executive Director, CFOs & finance professionals are highly sought after. … Continued

Diversity, Recruitment, The Value of NEDs

Disrupting the Boardroom

I have pleaded many times over for renewal in the boardroom. In a previous article I wrote about the dangers and pitfalls of a lack of diversity in the boardroom. I pointed out how having a limited pool of directors sitting on multiple boards can stand in the way of progress. According to a recent … Continued

Recruitment, The Value of NEDs

The most challenging part of your board career

Gaining a NED appointment can sometimes be the most challenging part of your board career. I often speak with executives that are looking to embark on a career in governance but either: have no idea where to start or; they think that, because they have already enjoyed a successful executive career, placement on a board will … Continued

The Value of NEDs

Growing your small business with non-executive directors

A key question for entrepreneurs is when to take on extra help. Here is some cost-saving advice A non-executive director can come in on a part-time basis to help your company grow. Photograph: Bernd Vogel/zefa/Corbis The objective of most businesses is to grow until the founders and any investors reach their desired exit point. That … Continued