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Making the Transition from CFO to NED

There are hundreds of companies looking for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs). However, gaining a board appointment is highly competitive – with there being more candidates than opportunities. Still, if you are a CFO, I have good news; for the majority of organisations looking for a new Non-Executive Director, CFOs & finance professionals are highly sought after. … Continued

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The Board Appointments Book

There are many things in life that you cannot prepare for but the board appointment process is not one of them. Non executive board directors often describe finding their first directorship as an arduous and time-consuming process. More experienced board members, suggest finding subsequent board roles equally challenging. For these reasons, the biggest mistake most … Continued

The Value of NEDs

Growing your small business with non-executive directors

A key question for entrepreneurs is when to take on extra help. Here is some cost-saving advice A non-executive director can come in on a part-time basis to help your company grow. Photograph: Bernd Vogel/zefa/Corbis The objective of most businesses is to grow until the founders and any investors reach their desired exit point. That … Continued