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Making the Transition from CFO to NED

There are hundreds of companies looking for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs). However, gaining a board appointment is highly competitive – with there being more candidates than opportunities. Still, if you are a CFO, I have good news; for the majority of organisations looking for a new Non-Executive Director, CFOs & finance professionals are highly sought after. … Continued


The Perfect Board Candidate?

There are literally thousands of boards operating in a countless number of industries across Australia and each one operates within its own context and has various peculiarities unique to them. As such, it often seems difficult to decipher exactly what they might value in a new board member. This confusion is often compounded by a board’s desire … Continued


The Pros and Cons of Not-for-Profit Board Member Remuneration

In a previous article we looked at how much prospective board members can expect to be remunerated. However, I decided to deal with the remuneration of  Not-for-Profit Board Members separately. From the outset it should probably be stated that organisations which operate in the ‘Not for Profit (NfP)’ or ‘third sector’ are incredibly diverse both in terms of … Continued


How Long will it Take to be Appointed to a Board?

A question I am often asked by members and non-members alike, is how long will it take to gain a board appointment. It’s always  difficult to provide a hard and fast answer to this question as there are always variables at play and everyone’s journey will differ. However, as a general rule – should you put your mind to … Continued


What Questions to Expect in a Board Interview

Getting that call or that email to say that you have been chosen for a board interview is possibly one of the most exciting and exhilarating things that can happen to any board candidate – other than actually being appointed to the board of course. However, the moment you put that phone down, the nerves … Continued


Writing a Board Application Cover Letter

Regardless of whether you are responding to an advertisement, using a recruiter, approaching a company directly or have been asked to submit a CV a strong cover letter is a crucial part of your board application process. In the past cover letters were often seen to be of little value as such, there is a temptation by many to not bother … Continued

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What Chairs Want (3): Your Personal Connections

 In my last couple of articles I outlined the five elements that I understand most Chairs or Nominations Committees consider when making board appointments: executive skills governance experience personal connections understanding and passion for the work cultural fit Specifically, I detailed what executive skills are valued at board level but also why evidencing prior governance experience … Continued


What Boards want (5): Demonstrable Passion

This is the last of my articles addressing the five elements that I know most Chairs or Nominations Committees consider when making board appointments.  To recap, in my last four articles I detailed: which executive skills are valued at board level, why evidencing prior governance experience is so important, why your personal connections are so valuable and why cultural … Continued

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What Boards want (4): Cultural Fit

The Importance of Demonstrating Cultural Fit in the Board Appointment Process In recent articles I have been working through the the five elements I know most Chairs or Nominations Committees consider when making board appointments including: which executive skills are valued at board level, why evidencing prior governance experience is so important and why your personal connections … Continued