Board Search Course WITH monthly coaching and accountability sessions: With David Schwarz, Australia’s leading board recruitment expert


Monthly coaching and accountability sessions with David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert + the Board Search Course. Driving your success.

Gaining a good board appointment takes time and is challenging at the best of times but the rewards are significant for those who persevere. However, if your messaging is wrong, if you don’t understand how board appointments work and how to subvert these ‘rules’ then persevering alone might not be enough.

This service will ensure that your journey towards gaining your first or a subsequent board appointment is successful. Monthly coaching and accountability session with David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert who has over a decade of experience putting people on boards – will ensure that the time you spend gets traction and results in opportunities that you might have otherwise thought were impossible and will hold you to account to both your board aspirations and the work you need to undertake to achieve them.

Specifically, you will receive:

  • Monthly personal & bespoke 1:1 coaching and accountability sessions (Skype; In Person or by Phone) with David Schwarz – Australia’s leading board recruitment expert with over a decade of experience putting people on boards
  • Plus, over 12 months you will complete the E- Board Search Course (containing a suite of 10 separate training units that take you through, in detail, the practicalities of gaining a board appointment including:
    • How to find the right Board for you – how to target the most appropriate opportunities.
    • Understanding what Chairs want in a successful board candidate – how to address their five core criteria.
    • How to write your Board Profile – one that articulates why you should be appointed.
    • How to get a Board Appointment – the research you need to do and understanding the importance of the Chair.
    • How to Develop Personal Connections & The Direct Approach – developing strong and weak ties and using LinkedIn effectively.
    • How to work successfully with Executive Search Firms & Respond to Advertisements – understanding their role and the importance of reputation.
    • How to write Supporting Statements & Cover Letters – templates and practical responses are provided.
    • How to write a compelling Board CV/Resume – template provided with detailed discussion.
    • How to deliver a successful Non-Executive Interview – over 30 board questions provided and how to answer them.
    • How to determine whether an offer is right for you – the due diligence you should do how to leverage your appointment.

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