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What Chairs Want (3): Your Personal Connections

 In my last couple of articles I outlined the five elements that I understand most Chairs or Nominations Committees consider when making board appointments: executive skills governance experience personal connections understanding and passion for the work cultural fit Specifically, I detailed what executive skills are valued at board level but also why evidencing prior governance experience … Continued

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How much research should you do for a NED application?

When it’s done right, thorough research will clearly and evidently separate you from your competitors and make you highly appointable. However, you must be prepared to do more than you might expect. Tell me what you know about the board you are applying for? is a question I have asked board candidates thousands of times. Unfortunately, their responses rarely extend … Continued

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The Board Appointments Book

There are many things in life that you cannot prepare for but the board appointment process is not one of them. Non executive board directors often describe finding their first directorship as an arduous and time-consuming process. More experienced board members, suggest finding subsequent board roles equally challenging. For these reasons, the biggest mistake most … Continued

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How do I find a paid board role?

Gaining a paid board opportunity is a highly competitive process with both aspiring and existing board directors vying for the same positions.  There are four ways people get board appointments. With some of these approaches being far more effective than others. Recruiters, Not for Profits, Networks and the Direct Approach Executive Search Firms: Many believe that the best … Continued

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How to Get on a Board – The Fundamentals

Many think that the only thing that matters in a board selection process is that a candidate has the relevant skills to contribute to the board. But that’s rarely the only aspect boards look at when searching for the right candidate. As competition is fierce for board positions organisations can afford to pick through the applications of very good candidates to … Continued

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Why Being Good Enough Counts More Than You Think

Being good enough counts – especially when it comes to board appointments. When applying for a board role, being good enough counts much more than you think. Unlike many senior executive appointment processes where tens of thousands of dollars are often spent on a recruitment process or a recruitment consultant and that is tied to a rigid process, the board appointment process … Continued

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Connectedness – the new differentiator

Connectedness doesn’t happen by chance, but fortunately it isn’t all the difficult. First you need to determine what your network looks like today, and then you need to figure out what it should look like to enable you to meet the demands of the future. Advances in both mapping and visualisation techniques greatly assist in making it much more accessible for mainstream businesses. Being ‘smart’ about building your connections for the future will optimise the investment where it provides the highest return. What’s the point of being connected to 100 people if you can develop a close relationship with one person who already knows the same 100 people?