Corporate Membership

Encouraging your team or staff to pursue a non executive board appointment is a core element of any professional development plan and will provide a significant return on investment.

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The corporate benefits of encouraging your team or staff to compliment their executive commitments with a non executive directorship have been widely reported and include: greater work satisfaction, to longer executive tenures and greater executive performances.

So, imagine how much more effective & profitable your staff or team might be if they were able to develop:

  • new & diverse professional relationships;
  • a more strategic perspective;
  • greater personal and professional branding.

These are just some of the benefits that can be leveraged when your team or staff take up a board position in addition to their executive role. Further, they can do all of this with minimal, or no, time away from the office and your organisation can brand itself directly with their success.

For these reasons Board Direction offers corporate memberships to organisations interested in supporting their staff to get onto a board.

Corporate Membership:

Membership options Include:

  • NED DIRECTORS – A way for recruiting organisations can find and appoint you to their companies – think of it as a LinkedIn for board members.
  • ACCESS PACKAGE – Access to over 1000 board vacancies each year – the largest and most diverse list of board vacancies in Australia.
  • ACCESS(+) PACKAGE – All the board vacancies, a board CV & a  LinkedIn profile written for you.
  • EXECUTIVE PACKAGE – All the board vacancies, a board CV & LinkedIn profile written for you + the Board Search Course and Board Search Masterclass.
  • NON EXECUTIE PROGRAM – Everything above + full and unfitted access to David Schwarz (Australia’s leading board recruitment expert). 12 months of Accountability and training. The best way for you to achieve your board aspirations.

All membership packages include:

  • A complimentary copy of the BOARD BOOK: Board Appointments: The definitive guide to gaining a non executive board directorship.

Corporate Membership Fees

All fees are charged at the advertised rate. However, for every 5 memberships purchased we will include an additional membership for free. For example: If you purchase 10 membership packages we will provide an additional two memberships at no additional cost – representing a 20% discount. You can purchase a corporate membership by emailing [email protected] We will contact you directly to discuss the right corporate package for your organisation.

About Board Direction.

Board Direction is Australia’s leading advertiser of Board Vacancies and Non Executive Director career development services – no one does what we do or can reference the success that we have had in putting people on boards.