Due Diligence, Recruitment

Contacting a Company About a Board Opportunity

You scanned our available board vacancies and found the perfect board opportunity for you. You have done your online research as well as your personal research, so now you feel ready to complete a board application that will stand out above the rest. But before you write your application, there is one final element to … Continued

Due Diligence, Recruitment

Doing Online Research for Your Board Appointment

To gain a board appointment you must separate yourself from your competitors – of which there are many. But how do you do that? OVERWHELMINGLY the best way to do this, and I have seen it happen time and time again, is by conducting in-depth research. The problem is the vast majority of candidates don’t … Continued

Due Diligence, Recruitment

7 Steps to Gaining a Corporate Board Seat

In a previous article on diversity in the boardroom I made a plea for board seats to be more obtainable to a wider, qualified, more diverse audience with a broad range of talent. To remain competitive and profitable, our corporations depend on it. This opens the market to a much wider group of prospective directors … Continued