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Disrupting the Boardroom

I have pleaded many times over for renewal in the boardroom. In a previous article I wrote about the dangers and pitfalls of a lack of diversity in the boardroom. I pointed out how having a limited pool of directors sitting on multiple boards can stand in the way of progress. According to a recent … Continued


Having Women on Boards Pay Dividends for Companies

When the subject of board diversity comes up, it automatically leads to a discussion about gender diversity on boards. But having women on boards is a much greater factor than mere gender diversity; it’s a question of profitability. In a previous article I noted that there are far more to discuss when it comes to … Continued

Diversity, Recruitment

What Boards want (4): Cultural Fit

The Importance of Demonstrating Cultural Fit in the Board Appointment Process In recent articles I have been working through the the five elements I know most Chairs or Nominations Committees consider when making board appointments including: which executive skills are valued at board level, why evidencing prior governance experience is so important and why your personal connections … Continued


Women should gain positions on company boards on merit…

Women should gain positions on company boards on merit, not through enforced quotas, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says. Mr Abbott said that, while he supported his colleague Joe Hockey’s campaign to get more women on Australian company boards, he was “cool” on the idea of quotas. “Personally, I’ve always been cool on quotas,” Mr Abbott told reporters … Continued


Networking with a disability

Networking can be daunting for people with disabilities, but can be rewarding for when approached positively. Networking is a scary word. The prospect of entering a room full of strangers and having to make conversation can make anyone feel apprehensive. But for people with disabilities networking can be an even more daunting prospect – especially … Continued


Female representation on Not-for-profit, University and Government boards

Not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) Women are significantly better represented in NFPs than they are in public listed companies. According to research by Women on Boards conducted in 2008, women comprise 30% of directors, or their equivalents, in top NFP organisations (by revenue) In contrast to public listed companies, more than 75% of NFP boards were reported as having at … Continued


Appointments to ASX 200 Boards

The latest percentage of women on ASX 200 boards is 15.4% (17 December 2012). The percentage of women on boards of ASX 200 companies and the proportion of women comprising new appointments increased significantly in 2010 and 2011. The figures are the highest they have been in Australia. However, we still have a long way to go. A … Continued