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Multiple Directorships and the Value of Diversity

The question of board diversity is one that tends to come up often in discussions surrounding governance and the appointment of board members but the conversation often stalls around the topic of gender diversity. However, did you know that there are intact 7 strands of diversity and each of the could impact on your board appointment. In […]

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What Boards want (4): Cultural Fit

The Importance of Demonstrating Cultural Fit in the Board Appointment Process In recent articles I have been working through the the five elements I know most Chairs or Nominations Committees consider when making board appointments including: which executive skills are valued at board level, why evidencing prior governance experience is so important and why your personal connections […]

Board Appointments book
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The Board Appointments Book

There are many things in life that you cannot prepare for but the board appointment process is not one of them. Non executive board directors often describe finding their first directorship as an arduous and time-consuming process. More experienced board members, suggest finding subsequent board roles equally challenging. For these reasons, the biggest mistake most […]

old school networks
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How Much Do ‘Old School Networks’ Count?

The importance of our networks can never be underestimated when it comes to the board appointment process. So when asked how much old school networks count in a board appointment, the simple answer to this question is: ‘It depends on whether a board considers itself a rockpool or a Northern Quoll.’ Rockpool vs Northern Quoll […]


Women should gain positions on company boards on merit…

Women should gain positions on company boards on merit, not through enforced quotas, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says. Mr Abbott said that, while he supported his colleague Joe Hockey’s campaign to get more women on Australian company boards, he was “cool” on the idea of quotas. “Personally, I’ve always been cool on quotas,” Mr Abbott told reporters […]


Networking with a disability

Networking can be daunting for people with disabilities, but can be rewarding for when approached positively. Networking is a scary word. The prospect of entering a room full of strangers and having to make conversation can make anyone feel apprehensive. But for people with disabilities networking can be an even more daunting prospect – especially […]